De Chemische Binding

De Chemische Binding

19 oktober 2021, 17:00

A.S.V. Dizkartes

Peperstraat 21

Extra informatie

I would like to remind you about the fact that two out of six board members don’t drink alcohol, so I want to ask you to bring a non-alcoholic gift for them.

Of course we expect you to try to bras our precious items. However, brassen of people and their personal belongings around them is not allowed, since one of our board members is recovering from a head injury.


We kindly ask everyone to bring with them a proof of vaccination, recovery certificate, or an official negative COVID test in the form of a valid QR-code in the CoronaCheck-app.

A COVID test can be planned via

To get an estimation of the number of attendants, we would like to ask you to fill in this form.